Cluster II encaustic on panel. 7 in diameter, 3 in deep.

Surge VII view 2

Cluster I encaustic on panel. 5in diameter. 2.5 in deep.

Powder Puff metal, oil paint and wood. 30x544x4in

Component III

  encaustic + metalic leaf,  10x7x3"

view I 

Fixed Point oil paint on wood and corrugated cardboard 14x14x3in 

Component II

 encaustic, corrugated cardboard and wood.


Putting Off  5x8x1.5in   view 1

Surge VII 3x6x1.5 view 1

Surge  II 10x10x2in

Trilateral   12x9x4in

6x6x.75 in .each

Component III 

encaustic + metalic leaf,  10x7x3" 
view 2

Spins  (partial installation)

Putting Off view 2

Off Side On  10x7x4 in

Cusp  20x8x5" 

                           Component IV

encaustic, corrugated cardboard, pastels and foil. 12x7x2 in  


The Bride  48x24x9in  Found Metal on wood

Beehive Pyramid  encaustic on popsicle sticks. 6x12x6 in.

                             Component I                                   aluminum pressplate, wood and screws 11x7x3.5in