Back to Back   encaustic on panel   18x24x1 in

Another Story, encaustic on panel 12x12" *

Shadow Zone  encaustic on panel   24x36x1 in *

​Banded Iron  encaustic on panel 12x24x1" *

Banded Iron I encaustic on panel 13x12x1" *

Slickenside  1 + 2, encaustic on panel 24x48x2" * 

Fracture, encaustic on panel, 36x48x2"*

Blue Ripple  encaustic on panel 40x48x2" ​ *

                                                                                                                                   Lynda Ray   Chevron Series. A linear system overlays the regular repetition of the shallow space of the columnar shapes mediating the dark and light of the chevron. 

Red Salt  encaustic on panel 36x36"

Black Magnetencaustic on panel  36x36"

​ *

Outlinerencaustic on panel 36x36x2in *