Back to Back   encaustic on panel   18x24x1 in

Banded Iron I encaustic on panel 13x12x1" *

                                                                                                                                   Lynda Ray   Chevron Series. A linear system overlays the regular repetition of the shallow space of the columnar shapes mediating the dark and light of the chevron. 

Outlinerencaustic on panel 36x36"


​Banded Iron  encaustic on panel 12x24x1" *

Fracture, encaustic on panel, 36x48"


Red Salt  encaustic on panel 36x36"

Another Story, encaustic on panel 12x12" *

Shadow Zone  encaustic on panel   24x36x1 in

Slickenside  1 + 2, encaustic on panel 24x48"   ​

Blue Ripple  encaustic on panel 40x48"  *

Black Magnetencaustic on panel  36x36"


Red Trace  encaustic on panel 40x48"