Cusp  20x8x5" 

Component II 12x7x2 in 

The Bride  48x24x9in  Found Metal on wood

Component I                                                                  aluminum pressplate, wood and screws 11x7x3.5in

Sirge VII view 2

Powder Puff metal, oil paint and wood. 30x544x4in

Component III ,  encaustic + metalic leaf,  10x7x3" 

view 1

Fixed Point oil paint on wood and corrugated cardboard 14x14x3in 

Component IV encaustic, corrugated cardboard and wood. .10x4x3in

Putting Off  5x8x1.5in   view 1

Surge VII 3x6x1.5 view 1

Surge  II 10x10x2in

Trilateral   12x9x4in

6x6x.75 in .each

Component III,  encaustic + metalic leaf,  10x7x3" 
view 2

Spins  (partial installation)

Putting Off view 2

Off Side On  10x7x4 in